from Char, Chris, Carol, Cheryl & Caren

Just wanted to tell you this little story:

My father, who is 81 years old had all 5 of us daughters trying to find a pierogi recipe that matched his mothers. My grandparents came from Poland. We tried them all, including buying them from Polish store Bobaks.  I tried your pierogi for the first time, and was totally amazed at the home made taste. I purchased a package of the sauerkraut and prepared them for dad. He could not believe it, at first I told him I made them, then I showed him the package. He said they were the closest thing to grandmas that he has had.

So i want to thank you very much for making my dads day and now we can all stop experimenting, we have found the perfect pierogi.


Thank you again,

Char, Chris, Carol, Cheryl & Caren 


Warsaw Panorame